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5 must-have Coats for the Winter

  • So, it has been winter for a while now, and even when we expect it to get warmer, it’s getting colder instead. As beautiful as the season is, it can be quite a challenge to find the perfect winter jackets and coats to keep you warm and comfortable, yet stylish.

There are a variety of options in the market, however, we can admit that most winter jackets are not really living up to its name and purpose. This is why we have curated 5 perfect choices for you this season! We believe there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look your best even in winter, and we know you’ll love our picks.

So, let’s get right into our top 5 looks for the season!



  • The British Model Coat:

This is just the jacket that will keep you looking very stylish throughout the months. . This model coat is gotten from a luxurious wool fabric that includes a textured pattern.

It is well designed and duly adjustable to make movement easier as a result of its buttoned vent. It has long sleeves, comes in various sizes, and is perfect for corporate occasions. The material is made of 50% polyester with 40% wool and 10% viscose.





  • Long Lapel Coat:

As you know, everyone has a choice to make when it comes to fashion. While others might want to have a short jacket, others would run towards this long lapel coat for various reasons.

The Overcoat is designed to not only keep you warm but as well complement your overall look. It has two large inner pockets by the side which will. come in handy. This material is 65% polyester, 25% viscose, and made of 10% wool.  Very comfortable, stylish and warm.


  • Midi Coat:

It would be an injustice to have mentioned several jackets to prepare you for the winter without listing out the midi coat. This is a very simple, yet very stylish jacket that you can't ignore. It has an appealing neckline and the length is not very long, but Midi. Can be use conventionally for winter, Spring and Autumn seasons.  The material is made of 50% wool, 30% polyester, and 20% viscose.





  • Ivory Wool Coat

Are you looking for a comfortable Coat with an Exquiste look? Then you are certainly going to love this Ivory Wool Coat .

This coat is stylishly made and fits in properly when worn on widebody types.  It looks very feminine and will fit perfectly for that red carpet occasion.

Soft wool blend. Double-breasted Long Coat with only one overlap button to Fasten. Chic and Business-like. Overlapping diagonal cape and two inner Pockets.  It’s fully lined and has a buttoned vent that can be adjusted for ease of movement and for style switches.

Length-105cm. Hips-110cm Chest-108cm. 




  • Double Breasted Coat

Warm double-breasted Oversized-Coat. Overlapping diagonal cape and two large inner Pockets. It’s fully lined and has two buttoned vents that can be closed or opened. Fully Lined. Easily adjusted with ease.

Length-105cm. Hips-110cm Chest-108cm. Features includes:

  • Longsleeves
  • V-Cape Neckline
  • Wide Rounded Fit

So, there you have it all,  Now, you have a variety of options to choose from.  Check out our website for more variations of Coats, evenso Jackets. Question: Now which Coat is your favorite? Let us know, have a warm Winter!

Author- Etinyene Jimmy (Blogger)

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