Straight Weave-in Hair Extensions: 25cm/Black, Human Hair Extensions – JASPER
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Zoom Straight Weave-in Extensions: 25cm/Black JASPER
Zoom Straight Weave-in Extensions: 25cm/Black JASPER. Human Hair extensions

Straight Weave-in Hair Extensions: 25cm/Black

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Hair Weaves are woven into your natural hair. Your hair is made into natural braids and the WEAVES are sewn to the braids. 100% Raw Hair. Length 25cm

STRAIGHT Raw Hair. Weave-in Hair extensions. Very soft, silky, and full in Volume from the crown to the tips.  The braid is machine double-stitched and can be cut at any desired point, very tight and neatly sewn. Can be shampooed, air-dried, and restyled.

  • Natural color: Black
  • Machine Double Weaves
  • Weight: ca.105g
  • No Sheds, No split ends
  • Can be dyed 
  • Full tips end

100% Raw Human Hair



  • Please wash the hair only with lukewarm water 
  • Comb before and after washing.
  • Apply enough conditioner to the hair while it is still wet and leave it on for at least one hour to dry 
  • It is best to let the hair air dry
  • The hair should not be exposed to chemicals (e.g. hair setting lotion, hair spray, chlorine, or saltwater)
  • Do not go swimming or take a sauna with the hair.

Straight Weave-in Hair Extensions: 25cm/Black

€59,90 Regular price €69,90

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